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I spent my career at the Ohio Department of Transportation working on roads and bridges. I know what needs to happen to make our infrastructure safe and reliable, and I will be a fierce advocate to get the job done. Not only is fixing this infrastructure exactly what your government should be doing, but it will make our community safer and create good-paying, union jobs.










bridge construction and maintenance budget. On top of that, instead of using the funds set aside in the American Rescue Plan and Infrastructure Bill to improve our roads and bridges, elected officials in Columbus are sitting on their hands and letting the money go to waste. This is completely unacceptable, and our county, cities, and townships will be hit the hardest in the long-run.


In Wood County alone, nearly 100 bridges that our school buses drive over everyday are in poor condition and need repaired or replaced. Think about that. Maintaining our infrastructure should be one of the core responsibilities of our state government, but instead of doing that, our General Assembly has proposed legislation that would negatively impact our county’s


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