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As a lifelong ally and supporter of public education, I will make addressing these issues my top priority in the State House and work tirelessly to get it done. Parents deserve local control over their public schools, not to be dictated to by extremist Columbus politicians. We can and must do better.










politicians in Columbus try to tie the hands of schools and teachers with their unfunded mandates, unnecessary overreach into our classrooms, and petty, manufactured culture wars over problems that don't exist, our students are the ones who suffer.

For more than 2 decades, our schools have been unconstitutionally funded, and our State House has refused to do their jobs and create a fair, legal way to fund our kids' schools. This creates an undue burden on our local taxpayers, and it certainly isn’t fair to our kids and our schools. Unfortunately that’s not even half of the damage being done to kids and our schools. When the


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