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Everyday Ohioans know what their local schools and communities need far better than Columbus politicians, and it's long past time we put them back in the driver's seat.











Career politicians in Columbus act like they know better than local elected officials, parents and teachers. They are routinely taking control out of the hands of our local school boards, for instance, to mandate what is taught in our schools to push needless and expensive standardized tests. These actions are unnecessary, don’t help our children become life-long learners, and they - along with countless other state mandates - cost our taxpayers millions of dollars.










projects and tax dollars. For a state that prides itself on giving its cities and municipalities home rule authority, the reality couldn't be any further from the truth.



For far too long, Columbus has over-reached, over- promised and under-delivered for our local
communities. I saw this in my years at ODOT and as a Perrysburg Councilwoman. Politicians in Columbus like to talk about ‘local control’, but when the rubber meets the road, they never follow through, stripping 

communities of any meaningful control over our local


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