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politicians have taken us backwards. They have gutted protections for our water by making it easier to pollute our ditches and streams. They have stood by as megafarm runoff flows freely into our rivers, making our water harder and more expensive to clean. Instead of supporting and championing our renewable energy sources, they bail out an out-of-state coal plant, stick us with the bill, and raise our utility rates to boot! As your representative, I'll do everything I can to end these bailouts. We need to protect our fresh water. We need to embrace solar and wind power. Not only will this lead to more energy independence, it will create good-paying, highly skilled jobs.

Northwest Ohio is in a great position to use our natural resources to reinvigorate our economy and meet our energy needs. A stone's throw away from the shores of Lake Erie and the home to one of the world’s premier solar panel manufacturers, we should be leading the nation in energy innovation and doing everything we can to protect our drinking water. But instead, Columbus


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