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We must get serious when it comes to creating communities where businesses and people want to be; where anyone who wants a job or to buy a home, can do so. And when they do, our State government needs to stay out of the way and not overtax or over-regulate these communities to the point where the jobs leave and our middle class goes with them.










address the issues of quality of life, affordable housing stock and 21st century jobs, it will only continue. Ohio is missing the boat when it comes to incentivizing young people to buy their first home or start their families here.We could be offering programs that address this dilemma, but instead, politicians in the Statehouse are too busy passing laws that chase people away.

A record number of young people are leaving Ohio because they can’t find either a good-paying
job or an affordable home in a safe neighborhood to live. Outside of the Columbus bubble, those who can afford to are fleeing our state, while those who can't are stuck working menial jobs with no real way forward. If we don’t


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