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Unfortunately, it doesn't even stop there. Who you want to marry and when you choose to start a family are now decisions that we may no longer be able to make without government interference. What we are witnessing is the destruction of settled law and personal freedom. Americans have fought and died for these rights and I will never stop fighting for your right to vote, marry who you love, and to get a safe, legal abortion.










over the past few decades. Most alarming, the government is beginning to interfere with our most personal decisions, including the right of a person to choose an abortion. I am pro-choice. I believe this difficult decision is a personal one and not to be intruded on by an overreaching government. Abortion is healthcare and thus is the decision is between a person and their doctor. Period.

The recent extremism we've seen from both the statehouse and the Supreme Court has been highly disturbing. From systematic attacks on our voting rights to taking away medical treatment for children, Columbus politicians seem especially hellbent on denying Ohioans the rights and privilege they worked tirelessly to earn


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