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My name is Jan Materni, and frankly, I’m sick and tired of the corruption I’ve seen in Columbus.

Growing up in Port Clinton, my parents taught me to love thy neighbor and the value of public service, whether that means standing up for what’s right or lending a hand to a neighbor in need. Back then, Ohio was a leader in the nation – a state that welcomed jobs, industry, innovation, and families looking to make a life for themselves with open arms.

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As much as I hate to say it, that Ohio is not the same Ohio that we live in today. Thanks to corrupt politicians who ignore the will of the people in favor of lining their own pockets, Ohio has fallen behind.


As a Perrysburg Councilwoman, I've witnessed firsthand how failed leadership at the state level has negatively impacted Ohioans. Young people grow up here and leave the first chance they get because of our lack of good-paying jobs. Terrible policies destroy our streams, rivers and lakes – all while politicians bail out Indiana coal plants and raise our utility rates. Our statehouse continues to propose legislation that alienates LGBTQ Ohioans. Our infrastructure crumbling, and Wood County alone is home to nearly 100 unsafe bridges that our children’s school buses go over every day. The state over-mandates and underfunds our local communities and our schools.

I’m sick of it – and I’m going to change it.

People ask me all the time why in the world I would want to work in what’s been called one of the most dysfunctional statehouses in the country. The answer is always the same: I’m called to serve my community, and when my community is threatened by corruption in Columbus, I’ll never take it sitting down. These values have guided me into a life of public service, be it at the Ohio Department of Transportation – where I worked for over 20 years – or as a Perrysburg Councilwoman. They’re the same values I instilled in my son, who has served in the Navy for 8 years. Through all of my experiences, I’ve served the public by doing what the public tells me to do, and not the other way around. That’s who I am, and that's how our statehouse should be.

I’m running to represent you so that we can change course to save our state and protect our communities. In Columbus, I will make fixing our school funding formula my top priority, so our children have the resources they need and our communities won’t have to bear the brunt of the tax burden. I will be a fierce advocate for becoming energy independent by relying on the resources we already have, including wind and solar power. Not only will this protect our water, it will create numerous good-paying union jobs.

Above all, I’m running because I love Ohio and I love Wood County. It’s my home and always will be, and I can’t sit idly by and watch my home be torn apart by politicians who are only in it for themselves. Columbus is long overdue for a change in leadership, and with your support, I will go to Columbus and do what I’ve always done – serve you.

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